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A couple of kilometres away, police found the body of Leonard Dyck, 64, a botany lecturer at the University of British Columbia.

On 23 July, the teenagers were named by police as suspects in the deaths of Mr Dyck, and the fatal shooting of a couple a few days earlier just south of Liard Hot Springs. Chynna Deese, a 24-year-old American, and her Australian boyfriend, Lucas Fowler, 23, had been on a two-week-long road trip across Canada when their bodies were found along the Alaska Highway.

Police have since charged Mr Schmegelsky and Mr McLeod with second-degree murder in the death of Mr Dyck, although no charges have yet been laid against them over the deaths of Ms Deese and Mr Fowler.

Okay, let me see. How’d it go? interesting Okay. Dennis Baker is in Spokane Maybe doesn’t hasn’t. Maybe maybe completed this part.

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