Climate change: Be concerned

 The end of the beginning
 It’s about time for us to start to take the coming climate apocalypse serious. The damage will be colossal. It will be something before. The strangest summer temperatures of all-time were experienced in this last summer of the year 2019.  Where do we go from here? We may pretend that this is not any of our business. Actually, It is.

 The marginal increase

 This boat has sailed. We are experiencing a marginal change in the way. Our life is going to be complicated. Life on Earth will never be the same. While the fossil culprits and the likes can teleport themselves to the next livable planets and never have to worry about the impact of climate change on posterity.


This is the beginning of the end as we see it. Whether we like it or not. But he’s in too late. We can fix it. We can’t all this evil around. Can be a marginal turn around in the right direction. Taking baby steps towards a more sustainable planet Earth.

 And the truth remains that the future will be very kind to us – Olamijojo

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