One year in the Life of an Entrepreneur Episode II

This article was voicemade.
An original is always worth more than a copy – Suzy Kasseem.
The Fear

Congratulations! you accepted the meeting. It’s scheduled for one hour and you are going to be in the room with a C-Suite business executive seating on a portfolio worth billions. He probably has at least a decade years of experience in arranging and attending various kinds of meeting. And again Fear relegates your excitement and you start wondering what or how is the meeting going to turnout. You ask around for advice, ok but the fear grows. The truth is the only person who can give an accurate hint is that person you will be meeting(Shoot him an email to clarify anything prior to the meeting). There is no amount of book that one can read to eliminate fear. 

So giving attention to fear is a waste of time. Fear is a given, a constant that lurks around and it is known to cripple progress. Fear is you, spitting a 1000 ideas per day, and instead of focusing on one idea, one talks about it forever with no execution. Fear is you in that conference and not engaging that other person in a conversation, fear is you not taking that online course to jumpstart your business, or choosing that pleasurable moment over the painstaking steps that may bring you closer to your dreams. 

Fear is you not asking that executive on lunch, coffee or that person seating next to you at Slush, TechCrunch, Web summit or that local tech event about an intro to a small partner, or not asking that Google fellow for an intro to Google-for-startup teams. Fear is you not saying this is my proposal, or I will forward you a proposal or saying let’s close on this note and ” I will send a proposal so we can begin negotiation or close a deal, I am confident working together will yield a groundbreaking result”. 
Feel the fear and do it anyway, a great book by Susan Jeffers. No one needs a therapist for fear. So Feel the fear but go on to do that thing. 


Anxiety is the offspring of fear, and many entrepreneur are suffering from Anxiety. Too often Anxiety is a killer.  it is dangerous,  it is the breaking point and an inflection point as well.  This is where personalities change. People think its money or success that change successful entrepreneurs. Nope! It is Anxiety. Those who triumph rides on to victory with the feeling of “I am a phoenix” and those who don’t are crushed under its heels. 

This is the battlefront of Entrepreneurship. Leave out anxiety and the rest is Fun.  Anxiety explains every negative energy one can think of.  Hence the rise in Yoga, meditation and alternative spirituality in the startup ecosystem. Sadly there are great entrepreneurs who ended with stories that touch. 

“If you are at this phase, please reach out for help!  See a therapist, do Yoga, fall in love, do a road trip by yourself and meet new people or do any of the other 146 things that is totally far from your normal.” For me, I read a few pages from KJV and that always reset me

Anxiety is when Drive doesn’t trigger passion. One is Pushing through wondering what is missing. You do it but cannot feel it. The fire burns but there is no flame. Every food in one’s mouth tastes like Gazpacho. This is it. Anxiety if not dealt with can lead to many ills, to include depression, addiction, and perversion, poor decision making, social media addiction, depression, and many other ills. Seek help!

Now it is 12 months and scar tissues. Some say if an entrepreneur survives first 24months then he has a chance, If a company survives it first 4 years then it stands a chance. However, there one trait,  the single determinant of who or what survives. Triumph to victory is all about this one trait. It is the master trait, this is what makes the outstanding entrepreneur. It is called several names but whichever name you prefer… be continued in Episode III

This article was voicemade . It’s a second episode of the series of weekly posts to entrepreneurial journey. Happyread  

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